Help! The Game Crashes When I Connect A Questionnaire With A Pop-up! (Resolved)

I Don’t Know Why This Happens, But It Does.

Does Anybody Know How To Fix?

Cheers, DoubleDash.


bug is unused due to the Bugs category

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If this error keeps occurring, please contact support and include a screenshot of the error below

That is just an error message, it means you are overloading the game, Try thining out the amount of devices in one area and see if there is a more efficent way to do what you are trying to do. That and email gimkit at

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Thanks, I know how to fix it now.

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No you have to add a delay.

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@clef made a work-around for this bug.

This seems pretty common…I’ll make sure to consider that next time!
I hope this works out for you, @DoubleDash.

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Good news everybody, this bug is now fixed!