Help Tag zone not working

I’m working on my flee the facility map it is veryyyy buggy and one of the bugs is the tag zone not working also does this mean I’m not able to be tagged?

why am I getting so many bugs?
Screenshot 2024-03-08 4.15.48 PM

Oof, it might be a client-side glitch. Have you tried refreshing?

check the tag zone settings
and yes refreshing fixes most things

there is perfectly nothing wrong

sometimes there are mistakes can you try refreshing and show the settings?

First I refresh doesn’t work then I restart and it gives me this

oh yeah but does this mean I’m untaggable?

who is the tagger and what team are they on?

tagger on team 2 and I on team 1

are the players on separate teams?
is the tag zone set to team 2?

yes they are

does it broadcast on a channel?


can you screenshot the settings?

what happens on the channel “Weak”?
and you might want a larger range

on weak speed set 0

so they can still move?

well I want it so they can’t but they still move which means somethings wrong with tagging