Help+storyline ideas for my battle royale map

The idea i had is a mysterious entity summons a bunch of people for a battle royale, but you keep being respawned until something happens and u k1ll the mysterious entity and his minions. I need some more storyline points, and im not sure how to do the “break out and k1ll mysterious dude” and the battle royale element

  1. make the entity have like a transformation or just backstory
  2. (optional) have sentry romance (0.o wut?)
  3. have backstory to where the minions came from too

basically have details like a story behind every smol item and person etc details makes the story more captivating make the reader curious and you’ve got them by the neck in the story making them compelled to play it but it cant just all be about the past can it? you can add foreshadowing and link pasts to characters also you can make it fragmented for more suspension or just make it a whole continuous story but continuous would be best for this type of game also be sure to add npc player interactions within the story it makes it more fun! :3

mysterious entity and minions… i thought of this right off the bat: gimspicable me (number optional)