Help! someone is randomly becoming a spectator

WHY IN THE WORLD does one person become a spectator when the teams spawn!?!?!? Just so you know, I have a MESS of wires, and it will take me over an hour to find the bug without help. PLEASE HELP!

Do you have any team switchers on your map? If you do check them to see if any have specatator.

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Find the device that involves spawning, and check that one’s wires.

we need to see your code, wires, all that to really know.

also, please please PLEASE switch to using channels. its so much more efficient.

I probably have over 15.

I did. I have 38 channels. And, I only use wires when they make it easier.

Check each one. See if any of them have spectator.

Some of them purposely do, that’s the problem.

Hmm check the devices wire section. Then try and see if that goes to something it shouldnt.

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i could never

But in my other map I only used channels


Okay, I’ll respond with results.

Ok. Take your time. Precision is key.

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this physically pains me. /hj

cool map though!!


Wires are so much simpler! And if there is a bug in the channels it is so hard to find!

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suit yourself. i just like being able to see my map lmao /lh

you guys are never going to believe this. I turned my permissions on to let my siblings make some funny rooms, (Which is needed for my game). But guess what… They placed a spawn pad and somehow when you spawned there, you would trigger a trigger and go on the spectator team. UGH


Make sure to mark a solution.
(I hate it when my siblings mess with stuff they shouldn’t)

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