Help plz I need a thumbnail

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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just so you know we are now making an effort to stop all thumbnail requests the recent ones have all been getting flagged

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Ik I can understand that @Foxy but 1 I REALY REALY REALY need one and 2 these are needed to publish a map and we want custom ones and some of us cant make exactly what we want so I’m sure you will understand so pppllllzzz I NEED this

I’m no longer making thumbnail requests there is just too much demand
I will say making one is a lot easier than you think

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okay if you feel like you should flag this, flag it silently please.

if you email me I could help you

figure that out yourself gimkit can’t control other sites

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please use this.

Foxy pretty much just said you can’t do it and how easy it is. For a background less gim, right click your gim and do copy image. If you have a touchscreen chromebook, hold down on the image then do copy image. Then paste it with Ctrl+V onto your image site. I like Canva. Use the every image in gkc 1.0 link for gadgets and props!

that’s a grammar error, right?

well that was useless @Txme_Lxss but I will text @HP7divergent46THG12 bye

BTW @Foxy ur getting off topic and ur a regular LOL :laughing:

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(He says while eating fox treats he stole from @C_C

I mean, I think it was kinda useful because you might not able to get your thumbnail here and you can craft it, but alright.

yeah it’s a bit wonky

like pretty much just said you can’t do it and how easy it is. I was meaning that you addressed that you can’t really do this, and that it’s pretty easy to make it. (oopsy lol)

regulars are not a huge deal and look at yourself

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btw do you want it handdrawn or Photoshop (also don’t expect it to be as good as other artists like Kat_aronii)

You can request in my padlet… [ link in bio ] if you want, that is… it’s up to you.

all we have is

  • slightly more powerful flags
  • create wiki post
  • have the illusion of a cool title
  • more likes
  • change title and topics of posts

that’s all. Nothing special.


wat r u implying @Foxy that I’m chuby? that I’m low level cause I joined literally a MONTH ago!

hi how are today foxy aka girl

@Txme_Lxss so true
@NoTimeToBleedQQ trust level doesn’t matter and if you want to argue I highly recommend a day when I’m less mad