Help please with my map

I need help,thinking what i should add to my map?

What is the map about?

Is a personal roleplay map for me and friends(a smp or a survival multiplayer)

A jail?

Noooo! It’s not a jail

Ok how about a park.

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no you could make a jail

I made a jail already

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Or a survival base. To hide and make weapons.

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Good idea,thanks. What else.

Hmmm, how about a place to fight zombie plants, and each time you defeat one you get money, a damage upgrade, or a speed upgrade.

No,if i did that it will take alot of memory

Well I don’t know what else then. Nobody else is giving ideas. Also nice new profile pic.

Maybe an island? (I’m running out of ideas here)

It’s ok. hey do you want me to show you my map

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(this has been deleted by author)

Ok,check gimkit creative discovery

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Sir_lancelot find your name