Help on Survival Ideas

I have the caves the spawn/camp i need ending of the game ideas and a story

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How about making it like pikmin? You could have to reassemble a craft to escape.

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You can add dialogue .

When a player enters a zone it opens a popup and has a call-to-action label saying something like, “What’s that over there?” and then have a waypoint pointing to something.

Make it also that you have low health and in order to survive it points to an apple or banana that gives health, y’know, the basics.

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“You end up crashing from a vacation trip to Florida and you are the only survivor. You need to get back through the forest to a help center.” --A story line…? ( On a plane)

Maybe for a story, you and “if multiplayer” your family lost control of a raft and went down a stream, and have to survive to, well, survive.

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alright i got a lot of great ideas and if you get any better ideas in my village there is a sign that when you dust off the dirt you can go into the mountains where you find a hatch…

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what should i put in the hatch

make a campfire, and have benches around it.

@SHIGGE_BIGGIE is this ur second acc? did the other get suspended?

i don’t have a campfire its a sign pointing toward the desert/snow biome

also you don’t know how you got there you just wake up on a river bed

i have two my other is no longer suspended

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