Help on making a gim

I am makeing a wolf gim to the number of people who wish it was a gim, so I am saving josh some time by making one myself and sending it to him for him to decide if he will add it. But I have only made the gim on paper and I don’t know were I can get the new shape of the gim due to the gimaker being outdated. I need it to look like the Gims @Gizmo2.0 made. Can anyone help me so I can possable get a Wolf in to the gimkit files for fans to enjoy?

Here is what it looks like now;

Sorry. I’m just a mechanics maker, not a designer. :frowning:

:frowning: well we are all good at something, maybe not the same thing.


i can help i make decent art i just need to find a way to take a picture with my computer without being caught

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Ok, thanks I just need a site name were I can make it, I already have all th ethings i need other than the site to make it.

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oh i am horrible at digital art so i can just make like paper art if you want

Oh i made the paper art as you can see I just need a way to make it on the computer so I can email it to josh.

well in that case im just gonna refine your art for ya and send you a pic

Ok let me know when you finish it.

whaddya think i basically just redid yours but let me know if its good or not took me like 5 minutes to make

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Nice art! I like yours more so I will use it to make the gim online, if thats ok.

yeah its fine i would have added those tiny little spikes at his feet to make it better and more wolfish tho i guess this will do for now

yeah I will, thanks for the art though!

What I do is import a gim template then use kleki to fill it in. To make it smooth, I use the fill tool to make the inside of the gim have a transparent background, then use a separate layer behind the gim template to fill it in.

Guys, this is really off-topic. @WolfTechnology, you’re actually pretty good at drawing, but I suggest taking this to the GCC. Mark a solution to close the topic.

Alrighty, sorry about that sir.

Do all gims have black eyes other than polaris?

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