Help on hooking up trigger to work with buttons

In the guide of how to make a randomized updated version by lego builder is good but does anyone know how i can hook it up to buttons

You can’t really trigger

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Don’t assume. You’re new, and you can’t be talking. No offense. If you don’t really know the answer, just don’t post.


and you can’t randomize button pushes, but button spawn. As of only a player can push a button.


Well it was on someone’s hide n seek map so i think you can

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Are you saying to trigger a button using the trigger device or click a button to trigger the trigger device?

Trigger Count (how much times i said it)

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What I’m asking is that i want only one button too work out of five and I can’t seem to do that

well i told them in one of there spam post how the system works and looks like they inorged it or didn’t read

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Just make each button activate randomly, in the guide they use opition 1, option 2, etc,. Just make each button activate on one of the channels



can you make the spawn randomized, im not positive you can randomize the chance of working or wire pulsing.

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Do you now how i could do that?