Help on getting a sentry do not fire but will take damage

How can I make a sentry that will not fire but will take damage?

oof i been wondering the same thing

Here you go! Try out this guide!

its ok soon we will know how someday

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i think its with overlays and stuff

how do u mark a solution so fast💀

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idk i like to do things fast and i got the information that i needed butterfly.

wait a min-
why does it show like this

what is that why the heck is it blue

didnt it always show it like that-
it shows a checkmark since u got solution

blue cuz:
if u click on it, it brings u to this post

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(aka the universal symbol on the internet for a hyperlink/link)

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yea but its not me who got the solution it was @Txme_Lxss

well they marked ur’s as a solution then changed it

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omg i marked u by accident so sry

Nah it’s fine, we all make mistakes.

Let’s just let this topic close, to help prevent spam. Because some people on the forums right now might be annoyed by this.

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oh thanks wait a min-
i kinda did want that solution tho :skull:

Agreed and on my other non topic so sry im new here and i didnt know i will look at the rules so i know

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If it’s for the smooth number of 20, then lol.

But solutions don’t matter, I don’t see them as a number, but as a time that I helped someone out. (anyways time to let this close!)

@GIMKIT.CREATIVE sure I guess, go for it.

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wait last reply from me
can i use that as a quote in my bio this part