Help on doing hand mechanics

so what im asking is can you make a hand mechanic using advanced javascript modding or the normal methods? like without mods?
hand mechanics i need:

dash hand: basically u grab somethin and it speeds you towards that object No teleporters
energy hand: connects power points like in my hand puzzle

if not possible then should i make a suggestion about animated ropes that have the option to shorten and lengthen themselves?

Hand mechanics might be a bit out of gimkit’s capabilities :eyes:
I would suggest the other suggestion

Maybe a speed modifier?

I am not good at all that (honestly, I have no idea what you’re saying) You should totally suggest the ropes!

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Why thank you! I am like 2 days new to the forum so please teach me. :black_cat: :heart:

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a bit too lazy and has loopholes around the actual purpose which is to propel towards an object

maybe so but a raw buggy version (like custom mods or what not) might be possible but i might make the suggestion instead

It’s (probably) impossible to change the physics in the 2D plane in GKC

the blastball has physics so it must be possible to change physics in gimkit

That’s for an item, the character isn’t a ball

I don’t think so, unless you use teleporters.

You could use animation ,but that’s teleporters. The only way to really move in GKC is moving, or teleporting. So in my opinion, not possible, atleast not right now.

lol ig the player´s a ball now (which is not what i was saying) i was saying that if the ball has physics then maybe we can add a custom device like that with enough coding and modding

oki i´ll make a suggestion on the nolt

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