Help needed with the item granter

I’m trying to make it so that when you press a button, the item granted takes away items. Then, the item granter sends a signal, except I only want the signal to be sent if the player has enough items. Is there a way I can do this with an item granter, or do I have to use a vending machine?

You can set the Grant Item Amount to a negative number.
Can you elaborate further on what you mean with “signal”?

The Devices category is just the dumpster. You’ll learn later. You can set the item amount to make you lose things since it supports negative numbers.

You can use a checker and by using wires, connect the button to the checker and press “Run Check”.

Go to the checker’s settings, and go to the “Check #1” slide. Put the item to whatever you want it to detect and put the value to whatever you want it to accept the check of enough items.

The checker detects if you have enough items when the button is pressed. If the check is accepted, then it’ll do something. But if it’s denied, showing that it’s not enough items, it won’t do anything (or just notify that you don’t have enough items).

For the wire, wire the checker to something (ex. barrier), when you wire it to the barrier, "Check passes → Deactivate barrier


I mean to send a signal through a channel.
And yes, I know you can make it decrease how many of a certain item you have with negative numbers.

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