Help Needed w/ Complex Block Code

I’m working on a complex mechanic. Here’s the code I have right now:

My goal is to get the “Spin” property to increase by the “increase” variable, times 10 ^ length of “Spin” property - 1 and stop when the “length” variable is = 3. It’s in a trigger loop. I tested this on a calculator, and it should be working. However, whenever I tested it with an overlay using this block code

and this is the result in the game after the trigger was looping for a couple seconds.
Both numbers should be increasing, but they’re not. Hopefully someone can tell me what I did wrong.

Could you explain what the mechanic is?
I’m not a visual learner, in fact i barely take in much info from pictures, sorry.
Edit: @Fulcrum-19 It’s not advertising unless you put the name of the game or a link to a game or something. Mechanics are fine!
Double Edit: @Fulcrum-19 What would the “spin” property start as?

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Ok it’s for a slot machine.

I didn’t want to say what it was in case it was considered advertisement

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Gambling related things aren’t allowed in gimkit games, I think.

Spin property starts at 0.

Dang you’re right. That’s too bad. Maybe there’s a way I can change it to make it kid friendly?

Edit: but that also brings up the question why bank city is still up

The moderators only really take down maps that are reported to them. If you send an email to with the bank map, it will probably be taken down.

I’m more scared about the “ Update” than the crime part.


Nah I’m not gonna report it I think it’s fine, its just that it’s kinda weird.
Anyways, can we get back on topic?
Ok I found a glitch with the math and fixed it, but it still isn’t doing the math.

Fixed it. I added a convert number to text block to the length variable and that fixed it.
Stay tuned, I’m going to make a guide with this!

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