Help needed for building a scientific themed game

help needed. I am making a game where you have to defeat an end boss and you have to buy upgrades for better weapons and stats. If you can help, please do so. I don’t know a lot about the devices and using the props for decoration is pretty difficult. I will take any volunteers that wish to help me in this game.

no codes allowed only post them on wix or gcc

do you have access to either of them?

If not I can help get you access @God_Mode2491.

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You can’t send game codes on the forum.
Here are some guides that may help you:


Information at its finest!


yup if you want me to help im here just message me in member chats on wix or d m in gcc

ok, thanks for the help.

Do you have access to the Wix or GCC?

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I think so, but I’m not sure

Ok so if you click my name and click the link next to the little globe icon that will take you to the GCC and here is the link to the Wix

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