Help me with special voting system

I am creating an alternate voting system that includes three counters: the player counter, the first voting counter, and the second voting counter. Initially, each counter will have the same value. However, when a user selects an option, it will subtract one from the corresponding counter. The property with the highest amount of votes will be declared the winner. If the vote count for a property reaches zero, it means everybody voted.

counter incremented —> Increment counter
or use channels

go to the property that the counter is linked to, and make it broadcast on a channel when changed. Set that channel to increment the counter.

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That wire doesn’t exist.

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do you even know the imput and output wiring for counters?


Or just make both counters receive on the same channels.


that’s what I said.

No you didn’t. You said that there was an option specifically for that.

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i am making an alternate voting area were there are 3 counters: the player counter, the first voting and the second voting. each counter would equal the same until voting. and when you press an option it subtracts 1 from that option. and the property with the least amount on it wins and if it is 0 everybody voted

how would i do that?


Im sorry, I would try to help but I understand about as much as you right now.

Sorry about this

it feels like everbody is gone…

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can anyone fix this?