Help me with my "secret idea"

Im gonna be mad if whereismyhat or Seven Seas looks at this post, but anyways.
Question: I am trying to make a secret thing for my collab cookie clicker map, where when you go to a certain spot, i teleports you to an area where it has a cool text on the floor that keeps typing itself out, and it is the people who made the map.


I mean… I could TRY.

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So you could either animate it, or use the block code that exists in the text.

Yeah, i think a block code would work, i just need to know the code.

I can try with the block code, but I´m not good with it, so.


That’s a cool idea. I can’t wait to play that game once it’s published.

Well, it is a cookie clicker map, i just want to make this to show the other creators that i appreciate them.

would it work if you did wire pulse? Like do you want it to activate the code on a wire pulse?

How r u going to make the clicker device?

Game overlay, its quite simple really, acording to Seven Seas…

Yes, i would connect the zone in which you would get teleported to and it would send a wire pulse.

If u want it to show a new name every few seconds, you could do a repeater device.

okay. I cannot think currently. :rofl:

He wants to have it type out it´s self.

LOL that’ll be so much harder.

Hold on, what are the names of the creators of cookie clicker? :rofl:

Its me “LEPRECON2024”, “Seven Seas”, and “Whereismyhat”

oh this is gonna be tedious. I have to make it type out the letters indvidually every .75 seconds.

I think… if you make a trigger that the player activates by teleporting to the area you can uncover singular letters at a time. It would take a lot of memory though

I am at school and don’t have time to test this out its just a theory

Did you ever find out a way to do it?