Help me with a villain

so you must have heard of the princess and the frog, well I want to find a sentry skin to fit its villain (most likely the best Disney villain ever) and I need help finding a setery skin that looks like him.


bonez might work for it
ravena or ozzy might work as well

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maybe but are we Sure that bonsey or ozzy looks like this guy
Screenshot 2024-04-25 10.47.00 AM
also I don’t really think ravena is a god skin for him


Captain buck would work I think

bonzey will look good when whats his face is in a neon-like area, like if he’s in a 2nd phase boss fight

nice point @Microwavedwaffles

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well if he is bonezy what will his shadow minions be?

You can do barrier/prop art.

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ah well that makes sense I was going to do that for his “friends” on the other side
(the big voodoo mask guy)
Screenshot 2024-04-25 11.01.55 AM

so could someone help me out by figuring out how to make the mask guy with barriers and show me how to?
Screenshot 2024-04-25 11.01.55 AM

captain buck

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his shadow minions or whatever should be bonezy, or ozzi (because of the glowing eyes for ozzi)

that’s what I said already…

oops sorry lol

Well all I need is ideas on how to use barrier art to make his “friend” on the other side

Screenshot 2024-04-25 11.01.55 AM

Not sure…
You planning on publishing this map of yours?

possibly depending on how it goes

I like your profile pic though.

Maybe broker, I don’t know.