Help me pls! it would be very appreciated!

this has probably already been a question…how do you make a button on the screen appear but only if you have a object (ex: berry )??

probably just use a checker that runs every 2 seconds or so with a wire-repeater loop, and if the checker checks that the player has more than 0 items, broadcast on a channel to activate the overlay.

sry, I’m kinda new to this map making…
so I kinda don’t understand a single thing you just said lol

That’s fine, just remember this: don’t be garbage, use your brain, and know your skill.

Also mark a solution if it works.

maybe a LITTLE more info?


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a wire repeater loop is 2 wire repeaters both wired to each other to make a cheaper version of a repeater


Also, you can search up something like “triggerloop”, it’s basically the same thing.
Edit: I’m about to get schooled aren’t I
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I use it more often because after all the wires it’s more expensive than a wire repeater loop wire repeaters are better if your new I guess

Use a trigger loop, wire one of the triggers to a checker

Checker (check passes) -> game overlay (show)

ok thx

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if you want the button to not show after the player loses the item, then add a wire repeater to the checker, and connect the wire repeater to the overlay

checker, wire repeater (0.1 delay): check fails —> send wire pulse
wire repeater(0.1), overlay: receives wire pulse —> show overlay

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