Help me name my game…

Taking suggestions.

The game will consist of a player with 10x strength, and everyone else must try to kill them. It’s brand new so not many details on this yet, so if anyone has ideas, i’ll add those too.

If anyone knows how to make a mini game for those waiting in the lobby that would be awesome.

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Gimkit Juggernaut?

For the mini game, maybe you can take a tic tac toe guide.

Player boss battle

Boss Battle: 2D Version?

I was thinking something maybe a little more mysterious like…

They Are Turning Against You or Righteous Rebellion


Im going to collect a couple more ideas then make a poll

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What about The One Among Us

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Kinda copy righted……(by Among Us)

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Well I’m not hiding who the player is….

So i dont think it would work.

What about “Everyone 4 themselves”?

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yeah but its still like one of us is super powerful so The One Among Us

Maybe this.

Mega Juggernaut


You and your friends have to take down the “Juggernaut.”

He is a massive beast with lots of power, but together, as a team, can you stop him? With many outcomes, come play Mega Juggernaut today on the Gimkit Discovery platform!

The only way I can think of not not make everyone thing of Among Us is
The One of Us
but it doesn’t sound very good, does it…


Mmmm that’s a pretty good name, tho maybe call it “One of Us” (sounds mysterious ¬u¬)

How about the strongest of us is a traitor


Mmm, that’s good, but a bit 2 long,

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Okay hang on poll time!

WHats a juggernaut

then call it “Among Them”

or “Gimong Us”

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