Help me make that u can drive cars i need it

plz help

@mapleoil is cool right???

Um…you can’t. That’s not possible in Gimkit Creative. And why’d you just tag yourself?

idk why i tagged my self and aww man i want cars!

You can’t drive cars. Sorry. And cars props also don’t exist… except tractors!

And the tractors don’t even work. They’re just props.

I said only tractors prop exist.

yea i wish they could add a device were u can drive them :expressionless:

The closest thing is having a button that increases your speed and making a coordinate system so it detects when you"leave" the car, then activates a button that will allow you to increase your speed again. Or, you could have an item and an inventory item manager(?)/checker that increases your speed when you have it, then you can drop the item to “get out” of the car.

I have a driving system, but when you get on a tractor, it just teleports you to the place you want to go to.

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It would be cool if you could have cars