Help me make a new multiplayer game! I don't know how to build!

Is there something specific you don’t know how to do?

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I’ve done nothing because i dont know what im supposed to do

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Nice, so I know what you need, what type of game is it, war, standard, battle, etc.

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Look through devices in the starting device category first then decide what you need from that.

battle and building kind yeah middle of both catagories


Here are some guides on tycoon.


You can look at those guides for starters.

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Try to go one step at a time. For starters, make an area where players spawn.

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Yes, so on that create a area know as spawn and place a few spawners and change there spawn to pre-game.

well i gotta go for like 30 min charging chrome ill reply in like 30 mins

No rush, reply when ever you get the chance.

Welcome, @GimMaker1!

Welcome to forums @GimMaker1.

back i need help now cause now imma start making it when yall are giving me ideas

Well, use terrain to make it themed such as the space terrains for a cool sci-fi theme

what type of terrian

Spaceship interior, space, etc

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stealth/infiltration game, or refer to @Wumpus’s guide on how to make a dungeon crawler:

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