Help me make a 4 seasons map [Code Deleted]

Help me make a 4 seasons map

No codes allowed. You can post them on here!

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Make that 11…


I got rid of the code in the title.

What specifically do you need help on?

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Please elaborate on your “4 seasons” map. Maybe tell us what the players are trying to do, if it is cooperative or free-for-all, and what concepts and mechanics you need help with?

(btw welcome to the community!)

i think they mean like the four seasons of the year like summer,winter,fall and spring

its a free for all based on seasons and has tons of hidden secrets

i do mean the 4 seasons i am doing them in a four squares

just creating in general this is my first map and i want to make it great

If you don’t have any specific things you need help with, then you should go to the discord.