Help me learn how to build good maps

Can you please help?
I do not know how to build GOOD maps. Can someone teach me?

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Really the most important thing to building maps is the devices because that is what creates the mechanics of the game, but if you want to create a good map that requires a good mix of terrain,(for the terrain to look good) props (so it don’t look plain), and devices. Everything depends on the genre of the game you want to create, for example:


Terrain: Castle tiles, Concrete, cracked oak, Dungeon, and stone
Props: Anvil, Armor display, Barrel, Banner, Bookshelf, Shields, Codex, Compressor, Hay, Hammer, Market stand, Lanter, pitcher, Street light, scroll, fire oven, Water well, Wagon, etc,.
Devices: For this we will be making a simple save the princess:
Sentry (On your team, as the princess, use bushes and barriers as hair and clothing)
Second sentry as an evil witch (Same thing as first sentry but on another team.)
Button (under the princess that says something like finish game, save princess)
Teleporter to go into the tower/cave/whatever to save the princess.
Zones for traps, like activate the sentries/witch’s minions
Barriers (To do what barriers do)
End game (Wire that to the save princess button)
Waypoint (To mark where the princess is)
(This is just an example)

I could edit this if you wanted me too, just to add some new ideas.

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