Help me find it

i made a map back last saturday and it still wont show on discover
map name: Medieval Battle
description:a free for all game with a few hiding spots and secret rooms. You fight eachother and buy weapons by answering kits

try to put the name of the game in the description

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ok i just updated it so now im gonna look on discover

Here, if you have gimbucks to spare, go into your map, then unpublish and republish, then look at the new maps section

i have season pass. ill try it

it stil, wont show. any more tips

Look up the description. The search engine doesn’t do titles but description.

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i know. ive tried already

maybe do something like 12301251061

of random numbers, so it’s like it’s own set ID.

how bad is your internet at home @FNaFguyLP and did you post it at home?

yeah. I also unpublished i and published it again at school. im still in class rn.

what do you mean set ID. also are you telling me to change the description to it

Like, if you randomly put numbers, like this, 1230912, and copy it, no one is probably gonna be having the same number, very slim chance, which means it can help lower the chance of you not being able to find your game on the discover page.

did you publish it yet?

Or you could try going to the publish menu and clicking publish changes.

also nobody has the same description as i already have so why change it

I could’ve sworn I saw it.

YOU DID.! do you know how

Well, I saw something about a medieval game on gimkit, with silath (or whatever that knight gimkit is) and a couple of other gimkits. And it said in big white letters: MEDIEVAL BATTLE. And I saw it monday on the discovery page.

how did you search it up