Help making this please

Can I make it to where in Gimkit Creative, if people perform a certain task, it doesn’t let them do it anymore, and It notifies something like a pop-up not to show again after they completed a certain amount of tasks? making them perform three tasks almost like among us I guess, but not simultaneously.

Yes, there would be. So if you have to press a button 3 times, for example, and 3 times only, what you would do is place down a counter. At the top there should be a tab that says target. Set it to have a target, and set it to a target of 3. Now wire your button to said counter, and make it increment on every press of the button. Now wire the counter to the button, and make it so when it hits the target, it deactivates the button. If you also want your popup to disappear, wire the counter to the popup to deactivate said popup when the counter hits the target.

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