Help making it to where if you use a blue keycard it activates something

If I need to change the item I can, idk if medium shards would work cause they don’t show up in the inventory

If it’s a vending machine, yes but you need a excess of them because loaded ammo does not count

Hi, Check guides, if none, then we can figure something out together.

Yeah, I wanted them to work kind of like the invis shards from CTF, so I should probably change them to a different item

Yeah, about the invis part, there is no invisibility in GC so far…

What do you mean? You could use checkers for checking for medium shards, if it’s an item.
You can wire it to something that leads to an action, such as a button (activate when passed check) or something like a counter (updates a property.)

Yeah, I wanted to do an invis shard but its not in game yet sooo

So what them to unlock something?

Yea that what I was going to say.

I want it where when a player “uses” it, it teleports them to a random location (I already have the teleporting part done)

Is there a way to make a button appear when they are on the item for them to press?

Yea I think you can’t do that since its not really consumable.

Yeah I changed it to a blue keycard

You could use checkers or vending machines like California love said

Yeah I’m trying a checker, I think I’m close

It should be like if you have the blue key card, you can do the action or something like that

Yep, got it. Thanks for the help!

No problem!

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