Help making a flag-styled King Of The Hill Game

I’m making a FFA game where you compete with each other to try to hold a flag the longest. It’s like a King Of The Hill game, but you hold flags. People can try to use weapons to knock you out and take over the flag.
The score depends on the amount of time you have held the flag.
Anyway, I tried implementing my own system, and of course it didn’t work. Here’s what it looks like right now:

Help would be useful.


What you need is a Timer. To do this do this: Add a property that is called “Time”. Make sure its scope is for player only. Next add a repeater(The task interval should be 1 second and it should stop repeating when it recieves on channel “flag dropped”), wire it to a flag(When the flag is dropped send a message on channel “flag dropped”) and have it like this: Flag captured ----> Start repeater. Now add a counter(Make sure its scope is player and that it updates the property “Time”, also make sure it resets when recieving on channel “flag dropped”) and wire the repeater to it, make sure it’s like this: Repeater runs task ----> Increment counter. For it to show on the leaderboard go to settings and go to map options, then go to score and set the score type to property. Make the property be “Time” and done.

Does this work?


Thanks! I will try this out later.

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