Help Make new game (Last plot)

I want to make my last gamemode please choose what it should be

  • dungeon
  • space adventure
  • mincraft
  • choose-your-own-story
  • Boss fights
  • Smash Bros
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Comment some ideas that you haven’t seen yet.

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These are some interesting game ideas, @MONKE !

Choose your own story is definitely an interesting one.

Very interesting ideas indeed. If you need any ideas or designs, let me know!

I would love to see a chose your own story.

@Artemis could you give me some ideas for the choose your own story game

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Absolutely! Is there a specific starting storyline by chance?

No but probably something that could lead to a boss fight (I don’t know what the boss will be so I guess what ever the story is about the player will have to beat them)

the player needs to chose their own path

yeah maybe the boss can be different to what the player chooses and the obstacles

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