Help! I'm trying to make a "loot" system with blocks

I’m trying to make a loot system with blocks for my space map. I have an orange crate, and when a player destroys it I wanted to grant them an item, but I wanted some items to be more rare than others. I have an “on wire pulse” block in an item granter, as well as four item granters for each of the four possibilities.
Screen Shot 2023-07-29 at 12.47.22 PM
^This picture is the only devices I’m using for this system. I have one device per item, plus the item granter (with the question mark) for the block code, and the orange crate with the wire from the crate to the item granter with block code.

^This picture shows how the item granter is set up (the item granter with the block code)

^Here’s my block code

Whenever I destroy the orange crate, I don’t get anything. I’ve checked to make sure I’ve used the correct channels in the other item granters and that they are spelled correctly. I’m not very good with block code so I don’t know if I’m missing anything

Did you check if the channels are set up properly?

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The item granters are set to give the item whenever they receive a signal from the channel. Is that what you mean?

Yes, are the item granters receiving from the right channel? Even the smallest typo can cause a problem.

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Can I have pictures of every wire for your code? Also, it would be better to use a trigger for block coding.

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Yes, I checked again and they channels are all right

Here’s the wire from the prop to the item granter with code

Make sure the wire connected to the item granter is run wire pulse block not grant item


OHHHHH Thank you so much!

It works now, thank you all!

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