Help, I need map ideas

Hi there, I am looking for a new map idea/theme. The person that comes up with the best idea will get a cookie. (not real)

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Make a calculator, it’s a fun challenge :slight_smile:

  • Prison
  • Atlantis
  • Battle Royal
  • Math type thing
  • Anything but au
  • Other

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Thanks for responding, I already made a calculator, prison, and a battle royal

Nice Profile pic it my favorite skin

mine too, one of my first as well

I only got it because it looks like my bearded dragon, and his name is ziggy. (what I named my account after

you’re right, it does kind of look like a bearded dragon

Facts about bearded dragons

(Bearded dragons: facts and photos)

i dont know why i put that just felt like it

It low key kinda funny