Help! I need a Thumbnail!

do u want it in space?

i think i have a good idea for it tho it will take a little bit. I will try and get it done fast just for u :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

is it ok if i make the background like space

Yep, That is what I was thinking of.

ok give me a little to make it :smiley:


I can help make it! Also welcome to the forums @Mandalin_Soldier15!

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Screenshot 2024-04-18 3.35.20 PM
is this good?

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sorry if it isnt good this is my first time ever making a thumbnail

Here is my thumbnail, Sorry Giani if I took some inspiration from


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welcome to the forums @Mandalin_Soldier15!

Thanks guys so much!

All good, It looks great!

thanks tho im guessing u used the other guys one :frowning:

thanks tho im guessing u used the other guys one :frowning:

How is this!:

I put your profile picture in the corner as a watermark so people dont steal your thumbnail (if you choose mine)

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i’ll start tomorrow k

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ima designer, here is some of my work
Screenshot 2024-04-17 6.32.40 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-18 9.32.02 PM

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@Mandalin_Soldier15 here is a padlet

password :gimkit