Help! I need a Thumbnail!

Hi guys! This is my first post so here goes. I need a Thumbnail for my gimkit. I am not a good artist and was wondering if anyone could make me a thumbnail for it. If you want screenshots of my game, let me know.
Thanks, ya’ll for taking the time to read this!

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what is your game called, what is your game about, and do you want any specific gims in it?

My game is called Where Worlds Collide. It’s a Battle Royal, but the twist is that reality has shattered and pieces have collided together. There are two teams, The Elite Invaders and the Earth Defenders. There are Gims from all over. The pieces that are in the game are: Fishtopian boat with Captain Chuck on it, with Skeletons and chompez guarding it from Dig it up, there is a This or That board, the Echo Vs Vortex war, A one way out themed boss room.

Do you want screenshots?

i can help if you want

Sure! would you like screenshots of my game so you can get the gist of it?

I can probably help you out

sure that would be good :slight_smile:

its ok fusion i got the person

I am a graphic designer and I can make you a thumbnail
here is an example
Screenshot 2024-04-17 1.49.57 PM


bro shanjay can i help this person without u tryna help her?

You can send a screen shot of the game to show me

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so what is the game? do u need to capture or collect something to win?


also like what do u want in it or do u not care that much.

ok so ima need to ask some questions before i can make the art

first of all how do u play the game? do u need to collect or capture something?

So it’s a battle royal, two teams fight each other. Cash is used as the points, hence the cash pile, and spawner. You answer very simple questions to get energy to move.
There are minibosses that drop powerful weapons. When the host ends the game, or when a player pieces reality via bossroom, the game ends. No, I don’t really care what’s in it, except for The variety of gims from all the game modes. The Title should Be at the Top. hmm idk what else

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ok for the art do u want a part of your map on it?