Help! I need a Thumbnail for my game!

Can you use one of these Images? Have My Profile pic in one corner, and the Title Where Worlds Collide in cool text. Add Gims like the real Chompez (the newerone) or the Stockbroker, Or Echo/vortex Agent. looking in the same direction as the robot. Pls make it so it’s their back not their faces, and make the gims smaller than the bots.
Its quite the challenge, Anyone up for it?

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this!

~ Mandalin_Soldier15


I’ll add a poll at the end for the winner

I can try It might not be that good

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guys this is a repost

do not reply

reply to the original one

reposting just causes clutter y’know.

so please don’t

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