Help i need a thumb nail for my game it is about a deep dream you are in and if you touch the plants you die the goal is to find a way to wake up

Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls i am just saying pls to fill this area up ok

do you have hands? (I think so)

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Welcome To The Forums @Z3ke!

Lasers! For the plants. Welcome to the forums! Help, be helped, learn the rules, have fun!

Welcome to the community @Z3ke , I can try to make one, I’ll have it done by 9:00pm. (EST)

I already have those but i need a thumb nail

Ok, it’s done!

Thanks @SAD you are a good person

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No problem.

Please mark a solution if you’re done looking for thumnails, it’s next to the heart.

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