Help… I’m trying to make a racing map… need ideassss

Note for resources guides:

They may be outdated so they can also check out the racing tag


Thank you all, look out for my game!!!


I will @Caticorn08 , do you know what it’s called?

Ohhhhh, I almost forgot! IDK what to call it…

Once this is finished, please stay on topic.
I don’t know if this is related…but make sure you acknowledge it!

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Oh @Caticorn08 . Do you have any ideas for any names?

If this is related to a game, please do not advertise it here.
Use the Wix, as it is only for sharing game codes and chatting. Not here.

Once again, you are new, so I’m helping. :slight_smile:

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Okay! You know the way to the Wix @Caticorn08 ?

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You should be let in shortly. Let this be the last of the conversation besides help with it.

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Sorry, I’ll go to the “WIX”???. Thank you anyway

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