Help i have big problem

I can’t decide what to put for the top of my Escape game
Screenshot 2023-11-02 5.37.00 PM

Hmm what If you make it all dark?

but then I need a teleport but if I did a teleporter I want to make a surprising

You mean the end of your map?

Try adding some props like file cabinets or bookshelves

no I decided that both of the enemy teams need to try and make this map together to win

Maybe some secret loot, a random sentry, an openable cabinet with lore, or an easter egg!


hey you just made a good idea thank you

No problem! I’m happy to help! Just curious, what are you going to do?


it’s easy I’m going to add a flag and then they have to go through the traps and that’s how they escaped the game or win :smiling_face:

If you have an idea, then make sure to mark the best solution!

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wingwave you ideas is going to be solution you ideas is the best


Wow, thanks!


by the way when did you get this ideas.

I don’t know, just some random ideas from the top of my head.

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ok time for me to work on your idea I’ll be gone for the community of for a little bit

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