Help! How do you make the end game widget to say the person that is winner - Super Battle Bros team

HI @FAST_Developer and @unavailible we already do that can you read the messages above it is about trying to get the name of the player who one on an end game widget.

Maybe you can use a property that is set to triggering player’s name with a block when the triggering player’s name is the last man standing.

(btw people h@te the berby class for some reason)

Get out a End of game Widget, Property, Text, A button (optional i think) and the system of when 1 more player is left. Name the property “Winner” and go to the End of game widget and set the property to Winner. Then wire the button and the text together and set it to When button is pressed, send a wire pulse. Click on the text and go to block and click on “on wire pulse”. Set it up like this.
And that is it. I think it work with a counter. So like if the counter hit one, run wire pulse. I forget.

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