Help for published maps

How do i edit my map’s description if i already published?

I was having the same problem. I don’t think that you can. If you have the season ticket and publishing’s free, try unpublishing and publishing again.

You can’t edit certain aspects of it(the thumbnail and title i think)

that sucks i dont like that

but what about the description/all about the map thing

well, i suppose just mark a solution? Idk, I haven’t published a map yet, i was wondering the same thing…

not unless i find that you cant

as @Gimkit_Lover stated, i think you need season pass to edit though i’m not sure. correct me if I’m wrong

oh ok although thats dumb in my opinion

No, that’s not what @Gimkit_Lover said…

oh, my bad. i think i misunderstood what they were saying then

Yes, I said that you can publish for free with the season ticket and you could republish it for free.

yeah, but idk if you can edit description, i hope you can…

oh man that sucs but like we should be able too

please mark a solution

no give me proof that we cant or something

wait nvm sorry i didnt read through everything
and idk the answer to ur question

you cant change the description/about the map

dont u think it is a little unfair that u marked urself as a solution?


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