Help for my game vending machine

How do i make when Someone buys from a vending machine it will make a button that everyone presses instant but only for them?

Player buys vending machine>button become instant
Player buys vending machine>it still takes time to press for other people

Make the button not clickable in game and when player purchases from vending machine, make the button visible and then the player presses the button to purchase the other vending machine.

Did I understand your explanation correctly and does this help you?

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I did this my main problem is that when someone buys from the vending machine other people can’t use the slow one

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What does the slow one mean @Nixximon ?

Like The normal button

Person buys Vending machine>They get fast button> but other people who didn’t buy can’t use slow button

Give me a minute @Nixximon !

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Set the activation to player scope.

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1 min its been 4 HOURS!!!

thats litterally the solution

then mark it! please wasnt trying to sound rude

Button version

Wire one button that has instant press and is set to player only to the vending machine, make it not activate at start. Then wire a different button that has a longer time, not activated at start, and is global. (If you want it to deactivate when the player pushes it then do: button pressed transmit of - [IDK], and Deactivate button when receiving on - [IDK])

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