Help for making a tf2 capture the flag game. all help is apreciated :)

hi! i was looking at making a tf2 styled capture the flag game. i was looking for stuff like how to make a base area at spawn exclusive to that team and how to make some sort of melee weapon. Thanks!

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Currently, there is no way to make melee weapons in Gimkit. Maybe in the future! In a spawn pad’s settings, you can make it so that only 1 team can spawn there.

For the base:

For Capture the Flag

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For spawn-exclusive areas, there should be a setting in the spawn pad for pre-game, and game in progress, and under that, there should be a menu that says something like for specific team, Click on that and select the team you want. as for melee weapons, they aren’t possible yet, though I guess you could add tons of zones and sentry that activate when you shoot, and if the shot misses an opponent, the sentry would take the shot instead of it going on for a long time. (If you want a safe zone in each spawn, you can place down a zone and make it so players can not fire)


thanks! i will mark as resolved

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