Help cutting down characters

In my previous posts, I asked for help making characters. Now I need help cutting down a few because you gave me too many ideas! I am going to list all of the characters, and cam you guys tell me which ones to get rid of, with a reason? Keep in mind that all of these characters are not final and will get balance fixes. My game can currently hold a max of 15 people playing. Any more than that, and the leaderboard will break.

List (Length Warning!!! 25 Characters!)

In total, this is 25 characters.

Aww, thats nice!

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Don’t delete me please :sob: :pray:

can you show me the broken leaderboard?

yeah dont delete caden!

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can i be a character…
(yeah i know you need to cut characters but…)

I’m not saying I WILL delete some, but I just need help if you find any that is unnecessary

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coolcanden26 :sob:
(i don’t really know who should be deleted, that’s like so mean :sob:)

maybe we should try to fix the leader board, instead of cutting characters.
here are some you should cut if you have to:
39 and hodling
Name uknown
bella is cooleom

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yeah… but survival of the fitest ig

Is caden even on there?!


caden or mine?
also what do you think of the list.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 8.41.48 AM
in the first image

They are on there. I was looking at character names, not authors. Sorry!

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I mean, how do you want us to cut down karts? Are they too powerful, or are the makers not well known? I’m confused on how to rank these.

Well, would you want 25 characters on your map? It takes a while to walk down it…


ow many do you need cut?
also can i make one…:pleading_face:

makes sense…

If I WERE to delete anyone, I would probably delete, are they even active anymore?

(they’re new whoops they posted like yesterday)

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these people, and do you need more people?