Help Creating The Mirror Character From "Just One Boss"

I Am Making “Just One Boss” (Game on CoolMathGames) In Gimkit.
I want to make the boss for it.
Boss Picture:
Can Someone Come With A Design?
Game Link

it looks very pixel arty, so maybe that but with a top hat emoji on top? Sorry i know you probably thought of this, but im horrible with art and thought that might help


You could also make it less pixel-y. Maybe use barriers?

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Maybe. I will try a rough sketch (in Gimkit)

@GimNo0b might be able to help, hes good with piel art

do you need help with mechanics? or just the art?

just the art

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though can anyone make those rainbow swirls that damage the boss?

you could use barriers and put a sentry behind it to make it interactive and you can make the barriers disappear after the sentry is defeated.

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i can help can you send a bigger picture