Helo for lore/Easter eggs in my game

Heyo, I need help with making more lore and easter eggs in my game.


I could help! What’s your game about?

what’s your game about?

Thank you,
my game is about an arcade (specifically 3rd game of the series) and basically the arcade is abandoned and you explore the arcade.

Im trying to use these things (spirits) to haunt you around in the game.

make a secret arcade machine that teleports the player somewhere. like a new world

Pandapants2000, wanna do a fork? One of us on lore and the other on the Easter eggs?

Good idea, but the problem is how am I going to hide it?

Here it goes, you can add an old worker hidden in it

Ohh, but that’s the fun part, you don’t. Hide it in plain sight.

put it in a closet that they have to break into after finding a secret key or hide it in plain site, your pick

Very nice idea, Ill put in the world that panda pants said.

Make a locker that you have to open to find clues

Yes good idea.
imma see if I have any space in the map.

you can just put something like @Pandapants2000 instead of typing their full name, but thx for using my idea. :smiley:

For an Easter egg, put a literal egg somewhere. Maybe a silver seed as a drop from a spirit? When you have it a pop-up comes up and you can use the “egg”, giving you some powerful loot or something?

Wow great idea @Pandapants2000

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Ahh, it’s okay, I don’t need a welcome. I need to stay on topic!

or you could hide keys to unlock the locker. the keys must be put in the correct way, like a combination