Hello? I'm new what do I do?

Hi I’m confused right now any help??

basic rules:

Extended rules:

tips: in the future, dont post stuff like this, cuz you will get flagged, and ask questions you have that are applicable to gimkit creative

Also welcome to the forums @WhiteGod

I mean this is off topic, but since you’re new and wondering you get a pass…
also @WhiteGod welcome to the forums!

At least his first post wasn’t like other new users first posts. :joy:

can you send me a link how to contact the mods?

yeah like lomov0 or what ever his username is

@WhiteGod hello@gimkit.com

welcome to the forums @WhiteGod

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ok thank you, for showing me.

who’s lomov0? whos he

A banspeedrunner aka a guy that got 16 strikes and got banned
and @WhiteGod once a solution is marked, you just let it close…

ok thank you got it.

@WhiteGod You can also contact the moderators here.

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