Hello I need making a thumbnail for a game

And @Wayne are awesome

Can I have some details?

whats the theme of the game?

What Backround? What is the theme and name?

I’ll summon someone.

I’m not intending to be rude, but someone may come along and flag this because the community thinks that thumbnail requests should not be allowed

2 things:

I think Kat_aronii left because she hasn’t posted in 12 days…

second thing: Pharlain said not to summon artists, but just saying.


Kat said she basically never touches the forum anymore

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I know this is a little off-topic, but why? Just wondering. (Maybe I don’t have to wonder, probably just of all the stuff going on rn)

so much for the idea of stopping thumbnail requests
everyone: “but someone else did it!”


It pretty much kinda started after nixximon made his popular thumbnail guide, then people starting making thumbnails, then oh boy. The trend surged.

so true :frowning: :expressionless: :slight_smile:

Probably because she got mod on the wix so she doesn’t have time for this

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well people started requesting there and then once it closed made new topics then we got a breather due to the thumbnail wiki and then that got flagged but by then the demand died down a lot and then once platformer came out they picked up again
basically one long run on sentence

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Heres the timeline.

Nixximon makes the first thumbnail help topic, asking if this is good. Dec. 12.

Then, Magenta responds with, “Nice pic, but that is kinda -off-topic, so post that on wix groupchat:”

Nixximon then asks and says explain how. Magenta then says, “It’s because this isn’t GKC”

So yeah, I think this sums it all up on how this became popular.

Then, before Dec. 20, 36 results for thumbnail. Wow. Big surge. Then yeah, it went mainstream.

ooh thats some nice info for the legacies of gimkit game thanks
I didn’t pay that much attention in december

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Yeah. Just wondering how thumbnails became mainstream, so yeah.

okay Fortnite and among us mix

If someone hasn’t already made one for you, here is a Fortnite (well technically Gimnite) thumbnail. I can add some among us stuff to it but I need more details.

Opera Snapshot_2024-04-29_233952_www.canva.com


Thumbnail Requests Are Not Allowed…Sorry Man