how do u give others there own acsses to a mao


if you are asking about publish links, yes, but they expire after 7 days. there are ways to make infinite publish links though…

i mean map sorry about that

You can. Go to the wix site. Codes and links aren’t allowed here though. Also, if you need another help post, could you put the question in the body instead of the title?

If you want them to edit the maps, you have to be hosting, sorry. But yes,

If you open up the map in the editor and share the gamecode, they can edit then.
If the owner of the map isn’t hosting, however, then you aren’t able to.

You could alternatively use an account that you all have access to, so that anyone can edit it whenever they want.

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why is this the hardest post in the world to read?

Please do not post join codes here, that is against the Forum Guidelines. Instead, you can post them on the wix (not affiliated).

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I fixed the title so you can now understand it. And please remember to mark a solution @Me_Monies1.

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