Health granter not working

I am currently making a boss fight game (one player is slelected to be the boss) and I tried to make the boss have 1000 health and everybody else 1. (500 shield 500 health) Health granter will only let me grat 200 health and I get 0 heath from it. What?

Also: new around here, any tips


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Are you at max health or in map options how much is the max health?

you are at max health so you can not put anymore unfortunately.

The workaround is to have everyone have less than max HP, then pick a random person and grant them enough HP to go to full. If you want multiple rounds, then you’ll need to give the boss an item, and on knockout check if the knocked out player has the item. If so, regrant the health.

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A health granter cannot grant more than the maximum amount of health. If you wanted to give a boss more health than everyone else, you would have to set maximum health to 1000, starting health to 1 percent, starting shield to 0 percent, and grant the boss health. Also to grant a player more than 200 health, you will have to use multiple health granters or use a repeater to grant 200 health to the boss multiple times.


Ahh, max heath granter is 200. Thanks

Gotta say you guys respond quick lol

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No problem! We’re here to help out!

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