Health barrier device

how do I make a health barrier, a barrier that has health (you have to zap it like a million times) like the one in one way out? I have to go at 1;07 so please reply quick

I barely play one way out

like you have to shoot it to break it out

I know that

Item spawner behind barrier.
Make an invisible vending machine that’s behind the barrier. Then make a Invisible button. Connect button to vending machine. Make it when button pressed, attempt to buy.

no I mean that I want to use a weapon to break open the barrier

Oh wait NVM the post up was somethin’ different. So make a barrier, connect in to health granter. When barrier destroyed, grant health.

Every prop has a ‘Damage’ setting, where you can enable prop damage and give the prop a set amount of health

Then why’d you reply?

I don’t know man i just bored (let get back on topic)

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