Having trouble knowing what category to post in

So I finished the GBC (GabrielisAwake’s Binary Calculator, I’ve dubbed) and making it work with subtraction AND addition, so now you can do both of those operations, but I don’t know if it should be in Community Made Guides, Devices, or any category… Is there somewhere you can post off-topic posts, like talking about a finished product in my case? I saw something about suggestions, but I don’t think that really fits what I want to post about…

Make it a Community Made Guides because it is a related guide.

I think if you want to do a showcase, as long as you tell how to do it, make it a Community Made Guides

Is it ok if I give you the link for the first guide I made on this calculator, then told you how to change it?

Don’t post if your not sure what to post about or don’t have any thing to say. Try search topics that you are intrested in and read a bit. Maybe something revolutionary will come to you. You can also use yoour knowlege of GimKit to anser othr people’s questions. Don’t go off-topic though.

Yes i think so, but im not sure, because I haven’t been on for a looong time like TL3 s have

I’ve been seeing things about nolt i think it was? Something like that, but I think they would say its for off-topic stuff… Don’t quote me on that though…

Oh! nolt is for suggestions to make to the gimkit team about new game modes etc

Oh, ok that makes sense, so just put it into the Community Guides?

Yes, you should be fine