Harry potter style Type Map?

How do you make a Harry potter type map?

you could make the castle
and the forest around it
(I just finished reading the entire series today:))

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Is there an tug for harry potter?

what is tug

The ultimate guide

And no I meant to say tug

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It stands for “The Ultimate Guide” and are large comprehensive guides on a specific subject.

Also, some of the medieval props can help in making a harry potter map.


The armor stand would definitely help as there are lots of knights in the castle


Dang it there aren’t any brooms
well you could make one

Maybe a rake with another prop on the end

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There is not really anything on Harry Potter, so you’ll mostly have to be winging it.

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Yeah, not one guide has been made on Harry Potter, but I have read all the books and have seen all the movies(I am not sure that I am the only one who has) but you can ping me if you need help with ideas and questions.

yeah, lots of people have read the books and watched the movies, I think harry potters just reaaaaally complex to make…

yeah I’ve read/watched it too

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Ik that someone else is making something on harry potter I believe it is @Foxy so ask her if that is true

It would be extremely hard, like to make the castle or quidinch(spelt that wrong) fields, :skull:

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yeah so much prop art :skull:

If I ever do make a Harry Potter map, it’d be either Hogsmeade or the train station…

yeah, hogsmead would be the easiest because the train would be hard to make it animated yet very detailed.

I think quidditch fields are pretty easy just a few circles

to make them 3D. and add the towers and the curve of the stadium, its really not, you can just place metal poles with to barriers that are circle and call it a goal, but it won’t look as good as something that has detail and time put into it.